Closing the rare disease knowledge gap across the globe

Next stop Morocco and surrounding countries! All our previously trained countries are in blue on the world map with the new additions in colour. Great to see the East Coast of Africa now completed.

Very excited as we are preparing to leave for our next event in 1 weeks’ time. We have delegates confirmed from Republic of Congo, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mauritania, Niger, Rwanda, Somali, Tunisia and Morocco.

Slowly but surely, we are starting to fill the world map with knowledge and expertise on managing rare disorders and changing patient lives. Supported by our wonderful partners we are touching all aspects of patient care.

We are also delighted that one of our previous trainees will be sharing the progress they have made to get rare disorders promoted in Ghana.

Let’s see if we can break the diagnosis records from previous events in spite of the language barrier. We now have over 200 patients with a rare disease confirmed in countries where this was previously unheard of.

The pre event questionnaires have gone out and our eLearning platform for all delegates is already in setup mode to join the community of over 100 clinicians already on there and you can read more about our story and work as published in eLearning Industry online magazine:

Thank you to our sponsor Care Beyond Diagnosis plus Takeda, Sobi, Centogene, Inventiva, Rare Disease Ghana Initiative and International Gaucher Alliance who has already committed to support this event.

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