Delicately Rare and Precious-FYMCA Medical Challenge

Rare Disease Month is an opportunity to celebrate those affected by rare diseases and why not join us on our  #delicatelyrareandprecious #fymcamedicalchallenge.

They may look different to all the others, but they are loved, adored and very precious to their owners. They have the same needs as other cats and you only have to love them and spend time with them to experience how uniquely and unexpectedly, they light up your life!


This statement is true of our much loved unique and rare pets in the photo, but no words can adequately capture the delicate and deep emotions that surrounds our patients, children, grandchildren, partners or family members that are affected by rare diseases. A diagnosis is usually immediately followed by search in the hope of discovering more disease information. This then continues to a delicate search for the right clinicians, patient group and support team for the affected patients.  As time goes on all who are involved, experience life moments through the eyes of these rare disease patients and we all realise that ‘delicately rare’ is not just a term for a disease, but a reflection of these precious humans. These children who can enter a room with the ability to light up the whole atmosphere and leave an unforgettable impression on your heart.

Being rare may require some delicate and special handling but we passionately believe that this should not identify anyone as a second-class citizen with poor medical care and no access to diagnostics or treatment.

We invite you to join FYMCA Medical in our 2019 challenge ‘Delicately Rare challenge’ in preparation for Rare Diseases Day on 28 February. We challenge you to find Delicately Rare items, moments, people or words that is personal to you and celebrate it by using the hastags: #delicatelyrareandprecious #fymcamedicalchallenge #rarediseaseday2019. Take a moment and consider those affected by rare disorders.  Sharing your post is confirming that delicately rare is precious and should be celebrated!

So for the rest of the year look out for those delicately rare and precious items or moments to capture.

FYMCA Medical will share the best ones on our blog and who knows maybe there is a book hidden in this for 2020?

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