We all know the importance of sleep and as Ernest Hemingway said :
“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” 

We all know when you are sleep deprived you seem more irritable, unable to function at your best and even feel physically ill. Lack of sleep has been linked to many disorders like obesity,cardiac disease and mental health to mention only a few. But how much sleep do we need is a common question by may patients and I prefer referring them to the National Sleep Foundation website which holds a lot of interesting information. They also have a handy how much sleep by age chart and a lot of useful information.
You can find them here :

Sadly one of the common causes of poor sleep is pain especially for our rare disease patients and as parents we sometimes forget that maybe the main reason why your child is not sleeping. Adequate pain control is important and do discuss this with your medical provider.

There is also a very useful Application than can be used to help parents manage their child’s sleep and it can be found here:

Hopefully this will put you on the way to find more information about this important topic.

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